How to Get Weapon Fusion Cores in Tower of Fantasy

Weapon Fusion Cores in Tower of Fantasy while it probably won’t appear glaringly evident from the start, Fusion Cores are really copies of SR and SSR Simulacra/weapons that you currently own. That implies that the most direct approach to obtaining more Fusion Cores is through Special Orders, otherwise known as rolling the right Nuclei to get new Simulacra and copies of the ones you currently own. One more method for getting Fusion Cores is through missions, however those are significantly more scant and less immediate than the Special Order strategy.

At the point when you get a copy from the Special Order, the duplicate will automatically be changed over into the corresponding Fusion Core. This implies that a certain Fusion Core as it were “fits” the weapon it was a copy of and can be utilized to propel that weapon just — so you can’t utilize crisscrossed Fusion Cores for headway.

The Weapon Fusion Cores you’ve obtained will be stored in your knapsack, fit to be utilized when you’re prepared to propel your weapons. To get Fusion Cores for weapon overhauls in Tower of Fantasy, you want to get a copy SR/SSR weapon using the Special Orders or by completing a mission. However the journey strategy isn’t so normal as using Special Orders.

How to get Weapon Fusion Cores in Tower of Fantasy

How to Get Weapon Fusion Cores in Tower of Fantasy

On the off chance that you have a SSR, like Crow or Tsubasa, Make and Eat Food in Cult of the Lamb and need to increase their weapons’ star level. You want to get a copy Crow or Tsubasa from Special Orders. Whenever you have obtained a copy, it will instantly transform into a Weapon Fusion Cores for you to use for weapon updates.

To utilize Weapon Fusion Cores in Tower of Fantasy is generally clear. Let’s assume you just got a Crow copy and obtained a Thunderblades Fusion Core. Go to the weapons menu, click on the Thunderblades weapon, then, at that point, Upgrade. Press Advancement, and in the bottom right-hand corner, the picture of the Fusion Core ought to be 1/1, then, at that point, tap Advancement to go through the Fusion Core and increase the star level of the weapon.

Tower of Fantasy players will find themselves facing endless foes in the threatening universe of Aida. To keep up, they’ll have to separate and apply Fusion Cores to fortify their weaponry. Fusion Cores come from copies of SR and SSR weapons. This implies that players should have the uncommon SSR weapon in their inventory, then somehow gain a greater amount of them.

How to get Weapon Fusion Cores in Tower of Fantasy

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