Where to Get Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive

Get Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive if your looking to finish up the monstrous program of every one of the 113 Digimon in Digimon Survive, one of the most important tools available to you is your capacity to develop wild Digimon into further developed structures. This evolving system turns out to be considerably more significant as you arrive at more significant levels, and it turns out to be increasingly challenging to enroll Digimon dependably. Evolving any wild Digimon from Champion to Ultimate requires using a rare asset called Perfect Enlightenment Slabs.

You can find Perfect Enlightenment Slabs in a couple of spots in the event that you search every region cautiously, particularly as you begin getting into Part 6 of the story. The most dependable method for finding them is by fighting Monzaemon.

Monzaemon will begin appearing reasonably routinely (when each a few attempts) at the Free Battle area in the Second Island Area. To grind through fights without Monzaemon rapidly, you can constantly exploit the auto-fight element and set fights to occur at max speed. At the point when you go over Monzaemon, however, you want to utilize discussion to convince them to give you things, which will constantly be Perfect Enlightenment Slabs.

Where to Get Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive

Where to Get Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive’s free Digimon, in contrast to accomplice Digimon, Stray Chapter List and How Long It Takes to Beat require unique things to advance and accomplish their maximum capacity. These “Enlightenment Slabs” are elusive in the early game and can be not entirely obvious in the late-game should players not know where to look. Here is each kind of Enlightenment Slab and where to find them.

Digimon Survive is a visual novel/procedure RPG created by Hyde and distributed by Bandai Namco. A hazier interpretation of the subjects of Digimon Adventure, the game elements a gathering of children struggling to survive in the wake of being tossed into a bizarre universe of beasts. With different branching ways and the danger of death everywhere, the gathering should depend on the strength of their beast partners in request to survive.

Mature Enlightenment Slabs are the thing expected for Rookie/Child Digimon to advance to the Champion/Adult stage. The primary chance to get one is during section 2, by examining the Inner Shrine once it opens up to visit. Players can likewise involve the telephone camera in every space after Fangmon’s most memorable appearance to search out discretionary experiences, where defeating it will concede an extra Mature Enlightenment Slab.

Where to Get Enlightenment Slabs in Digimon Survive

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