How do I connect my Xbox controller to my IPhone IOS 14?

If you are thinking How do I connect my Xbox controller to my IPhone IOS 14 then this article is perfect for you. Most of the people are probing towards that How to connect an Xbox Controller to an IPhone IOS 14? It is mandatory to install IOS 13 to your device, so you may connect an Xbox to your IPhone and play games on your devices. Xbox controller can be connected with any of the device but make sure the device enabled or fixed up with Bluetooth, it is compulsory for the controller to be connected. IPhone is connected to game controller via Bluetooth, so as it is mentioned before that any of the controllers is attached to the iPhone it should be provided with Bluetooth.

Number of applications has been introduced in the market and focusing on a nutshell of covering several platforms these days. IPhone users can now go up with different video games controller like Xbox, to play games easily. On initial terms it is also known that App Store does not prop up some controllers to play games on IPhone. It is interesting to know that some of the controllers were not supporting to IOS 13, but later on it developed to IOS 14 which supported Xbox controllers to be connected with Apple devices. To enable the connection it is also required to must have Bluetooth in device.

Procedure: How to connect your Xbox controller to your iPhone IOS 14?

Following are the several points to connect your Bluetooth with the controller.

  • The game controller should be charged up.
  • Firstly, grip down the logo button of your Xbox controller, when it’s starts blinking this means it is ready to be connected, but there is sometimes chance to face the problem that the logo button is not blinking properly, so in this case you have to hold up the small button which is located near charging port of your Xbox and hold till it blinks accurately.
  • On another hand, open up settings on your IPhone and tap on Bluetooth.
  • When your Bluetooth is turned on the section gives you different option for connecting with devices. Your device name like, Xbox Controller or something like that is popped up in front of your screen and after searching your device’s name tap on the option of “Pair.”
  • Later, you need to disconnect?
  • To disconnect again tap on the Bluetooth icon on your IPhone, then click on the right side of the device name given as small i, to disconnect.

Which controller is compatible for IOS?

Following are named and described as the most popular and in demand controllers for IOS.

  • Razer Kishi

It is the number one controller so far for iPhone and it is also MFi certified. Moreover, it is the smoothest featured accessory for game controller. It is structured with clickable analogue thumb sticks, bumper buttons and D- pad for additional inputs as well. This controller is directly attached to iPhone and easy to use. It has Ultra –Low Latency Game Play. Furthermore, not only this it is a glimpse of excessive features to be used such as consisting of, Function buttons, 8-way D-pad, Special function button, Lightning connector, Speaker ports, Face buttons, Status indicator , etc.

  • GameSir F4 Falcon:

This is another supper wireless controller for Apple phones.  At first it was invented as a small machine which only grips and useable for small phones but now F4 and F10 is more stretchable and easy to keep up with mobiles for usage. Games like PubG and Mobile legends are easy to be played via this controller. F4 Falcon does not need any drivers, Bluetooth or any other attachable devices with it. It directly attached to your smartphone. In addition to this, F4 Falcon is presented with an invisible power switch which will start the game automatically when you will attach to it. This controller is the fastest one to be known. This device is designed in a very decent way. It has four modes, Customizable buttons, Ultra-low Power Consumption

  • Backbone One

This is the top-notch controller for iPhone users. It is highly featured with qualities and non-chargeable controller machine. It has a compact design, Low-latency connection, Play any game that supports controllers, it also capture game clips with screenshots, and 3.5 mm headphone jack

  • Steel series Nimbus

This is a wireless device and Mfi certified as well. It is used for both iPhone and iPad. Steel series is longed for 50 hours battery life and this is the best gaming console to be used. This controller is not compatible for all types of games. Moreover, it has sophisticated features like, upgraded performance for all Apple devices; Apple licensed wireless connectivity, Built-in rechargeable battery, clickable joysticks, Magnetic triggers, and dedicated navigation buttons.

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